Ether Explorations is a collaborative series consisting of compilations, webzines, and events.

With each installation, we seek to explore the personal and collective associations we have with a different element of our external and internal worlds. Just as we have our own associations with the symbolic elemental structure of our own universe (earth, air, water, fire), we hold attachments to other elements as well – elements, which could be emblems of other universes.

Event Series | earth, air, water, fire

On the second Wednesday of each month, Resonator Art Space in Norman, OK hosts a collaboratively curated evening of experimental performance by local artists. Past performances have been in the form of sound, spoken word, movement, and film. Promotion for the events has also included visual, design, and written collaboration. We welcome all forms of performance and installation art as a part of these events.

Each event focuses on one of the physical elements (earth, air, water, fire) and the artists are encouraged to express their personal or collective associations/attachments/aversions to the element and what it symbolizes for them.


Webzine + Compilation Album Series | non-physical

Each webzine + compilation album focuses on the exploration of personal and/or collective associations with one non-physical element. It could be a feeling, an abstract element of our world or a hypothetical physical element of another dimension.


Write to if you have any suggestions of elements to explore or want to participate in any way. Everyone is welcome to contribute.